Kanvas Prime International Curriculum

Kanvas Prime International is based upon and follows the Australian Education ethos Guidelines of Belonging, Being and Becoming-Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)The first Australian National Framework for early education and care settings,comprising the essential elements of high quality of early child hood practise,including play based pedagogies ,strong relationships with children and families and intentional teachings;the EYLF being aptly complemented by and overseen by ECA (Australia’speak body advocating for young and their families) And ACARA,Australian Curriculum,Assessment and Reporting Authority.

Our Collaboration :

Naresh Malhotra, was Commissioned into the Indian Army ; BE ( Mech ) from College of Military Engineering , Kirkee Pune / Military College of Electronics & Mechanical Engineering , Secunderabad ; Record Holding Swimmer , Captained rhe Services Swimming and Water Polo Team and was the First Indian Army Officer to successfully train as a Professional Diver with the Indian Navy; An experienced Logistician , headed the Australian Leopard Working Co Operative Logistic Working Group which included Canada , Greece , Turkey , Germany and Denmark , based in Bonn , Germany , with extensive knowledge of Defence and International Affairs On migration to Australia , was Commissioned into the Australian Army having served in Senior Officer roles in Timor , Iraq , Afghanistan and Syria ; Widely travelled all over the world and presently well settled in Melbourne , Australia with a keen interest in Early childhood education and development. With his knowledge of Australian best practices and his keen interest of providing quality education in India, we bring the best of both Indian and Australian education system in Kanvas prime international.

Kanvas prime international office details: 1/380, Inkerman Street, St.Kilda East, Victoria 3183, Melbourne, Australia; Mob:+61 419 584 983

Our Program

The aim of preschool education is to develop social,mental and physical skills in preparation for school and is the Main Year before the Child is due to attend school. Choosing the Right Program For You and Your child as your child starts to approach two years of age we are all faced with the challenging decision of where to enrol them for that all important Preschool year. School Readiness has become increasingly important as educational expectations continue to rise.

We emphasis on developing three domains:

It is our belief that a comprehensive and holistic Preschool Program is an essential part of a child’s learning journey and transition to school.

We are guided by the Australian EYLF,Early Years Learning Framework which is structured around in three interrelated elements:

  • * Principles;
  • * Practises; and
  • * Learning Outcomes

Five Learning Outcomes are identified as fundamental to the current and future wellbeing, engagement and success of young Learners:

  1. 1. Children have strong sense of identity;
  2. 2. Children have a strong sense of wellbeing;
  3. 3. Children are connected with and contribute to their world;
  4. 4. Children are confident and involved Learners;and
  5. 5. Children are effective Communicators.

At the core of our Program is the curriculum,based on the Australian curriculum, recognising the entitlement of each student to knowledge,understanding and skills that provides a foundation for a successful and lifelong learning and participation in the Community ; it has four major components:

  • * Curriculum content-learning area knowledge, skills and understanding;
  • * General Capabilities - sets of skills,behavioursand dispositions;
  • * Cross Curriculum Priorities - representing key issues and opportunities relevant to the lives of young children now and in the future ;and
  • * Achievement Standards – description of what students are typically able to understand and do at particular points in their schooling .
  • * This provides the framework around which all of our learning activities are structured.These activities are delivered by fully qualified teachers and educators using specific learning contexts that are designed to maximise learning outcomes.