Kanvaskidz Preschool Curriculum

  • * Well designed books with parent daily plans
  • * Elearning with Tabs
  • * Quarterly assessments
  • * Progress reports
  • * Field trips as per curriculum
  • * Activity based concepts and learning
  • * Health wellness and safety concepts
  • * Quarterly culminating days for LKG & Upper KG
  • * Small ratios for better attention

The entire preschool curriculum is a true blend of CBSE aligned content alongwith activity based teaching methods like Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence. Any topic that is introduced is carefully planned for every type of learner so that we feed in knowledge to all learning styles- auditory, visual, kinesthetic, naturalistic, linguistic, musical, intra and inter personal and logical.

Kreados World- Path to Holistic Development

In extension to our philosophy, Kanvaskidz has the first ever curriculum designed for preschoolers for extracurricular activities as well under the umbrella of Kreados World. Our unique Kreados world curriculum furnishes overall and holistic development of a child by giving him a platform to various learning opportunities organized via the following clubs. Kanvaskidz incorporates Kreados

And all this is delivered to kids with a daily schedule which is incorporated within the curriculum itself to make the system more transparent.

Teaching starts at home. We believe that not only our teachers but also our parents are equally responsible for teaching and hence we conduct a lot of educational workshops for our parents too.

We conduct parenting workshops for help parents understand the growing needs of our children. This involves

  • * Parent counseling sessions
  • * Parent workshops- phonics, health and hygiene etc.
  • * Curriculum alignment
  • * Quarterly PTMs with academic teachers and also extra curricular activity teacher